Rain on your wedding day

So you’ve planned the wedding of your dreams, outdoors,  in a traditionally warmer month, to maximise your chances of fabulous weather and doing your utmost to avoid rain on your wedding day.


Couple getting married-rain-on-your-wedding-day

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Just remember – you can plan for most anything – but no rain on your wedding day is not one of them!



Rain falling at a wedding venue-rain-on-your-wedding-day

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It’s natural for couples who plan for their wedding ceremony outdoors, to be wary of the chance that the weather could ‘dampen’ their big day. But I’m here to tell you –  don’t let it!


Importantly when you book your wedding venue, you must check out their wet weather options. Always have a plan B – and make sure you like it! Having an alternative plan that does not appeal to you at the time of booking will not get better with time. 


What should we do?

Here are some questions that might just be useful to keep in the back of your mind when the weather looks like it may change your outdoor ceremony plans ….



Rain on your wedding day

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Firstly, do we need to hire marquees? Are there restrictions where the ceremony is to be held?


Secondly, are there any wet weather stipulations are noted in your vendor contracts?


Do we need umbrellas? What colour? Clear, black, coloured?


In addition to these questions, think about PA Systems, live musicians with cords, cables and electricity. Are there OH&S safety concerns? Not too mention the chance of ruining expensive equipment. Are there stringed instruments that need to be protected from the elements?


Also, will floral arrangements and glass vases need moving? 


The important thing to know is that you’ve hired a group of professionals – work with them and ask questions!


If it’s raining and you need to change plans, how will you alert your guests?  You could nominate people to do this for you, have a closed wedding Facebook page for guests or some other means of letting them know of the changes.



In short, my very best tip for a rainy wedding is to just embrace it! When you plan an outdoor wedding you have to accept that no matter what time of year, you cannot control the weather.  However you can control how you feel about it and how you roll with it. 


Rain on your wedding day may not be ideal – but it will still be the most magical day of your life. It can offer you amazing clouds and colours, umbrellas, warm cuddles, laughter and a story to tell for years to come. And you’ll certainly be sure to get some candid shots like these… 



Couple kissing under an umbrella-rain-on-your-wedding-day

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Wedding couple walking in the rain-rain-on-your-wedding-day

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Wedding couple getting married in the rain-rain-on-your-wedding-day

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Wedding guests in the rain-rain-on-your-wedding-day

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Wedding couple hugging in the rain-rain-on-your-wedding-day

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Above all the goal of a wedding is to get married — and that will still happen – no matter what!




Celebrant holding an umbrella in the rain-rain-on-your-wedding-day

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In short, not everything can go according to best laid plans. At the end of the day, you’re still going to get married to the love of your life – rain, hail or shine – and I promise I’ll still be there, holding the umbrella!