A newly married couple - elope-in-the-yarra-valley

Elope in the Yarra Valley

It’s becoming increasingly popular to Elope in the Yarra Valley. Big fancy weddings not really your thing? Perhaps Covid forced you to postpone or re-think your wedding plans? Have you thought about ditching your plans in favour of something a little different?   This could be exactly what you’re after!


Whatever the reason may be, deciding to make your wedding day all about the two of you, will not mean it’s any less special. If anything,  it can be more meaningful, personal, and without doubt, incredibly romantic.  Firstly, you have time to concentrate just on the two of you. There is no time pressure, no run sheet, no need to make your way around to all your guests. The vibe is relaxed and chilled, a time to really enjoy and soak up the moment, and take in the commitment you’re about to make to your partner.


Secondly, not only do you have a greater scope of stunning ceremony locations  to choose from in the Yarra Valley  – but also consider different times of the day that you may never have thought of.  Think vineyards full of grapes, an olive grove on sunset, farm animals,  hot air balloon at sunrise. The list is literally endless, just think outside the box. If you don’t have somewhere in mind, I can help you brain storm something super personal and meaningful that you will both love.


In short, don’t be afraid to ditch your original wedding plans and simply make your wedding day all about YOU. Whether or not you choose to have a large celebration at a later date,  eloping is without doubt, a beautiful way to kickstart your marriage in the most heartfelt way.


Be creative. Keep it simple. But most importantly – enjoy!


No bells. No whistles.


Yes to bucket loads of love.



Celebrant: Michelle Kiernan


Photographer: Fern and Stone Photography