Thinking of having your dog at your wedding? Wondering how to include them? Will they get over excited or anxious in a new and unfamiliar environment? Will the venue allow it? How can you have the other love of your life with you, but not have to worry about the logistics of how it will all work? These are all important questions when planning the involvement of your dog at your wedding.


Groom and groomsmen with a dog at a wedding - thinking-of-having-your-dog-at-your-wedding


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A lot of couples choose to have their dog as part of the ceremony. If that’s YOU  – make sure to set realistic expectations for them. Firstly, if they’re active, will they really be able to come down the aisle to deliver the rings? Similarly, do they tend to bark at strangers and feel anxious in crowds?  It can be fun to have your dog with you on your big day. But make sure you’ve thought it through and asked yourself those important questions.




Dog jumping up on the bride at a wedding - thinking-of-having-your-dog-at-your-wedding


Image: Aria Photography


If you’re adamant that your pooch is good to go – go for it!  But perhaps look at investing in a wedding pet minding service to take great care of them when you can’t. If you have a sneaking suspicion they may not be able to do what you want,  think about how else you could involve them. Let your photographer know of your intentions. After that, begin to brainstorm fun ideas before, during and after the ceremony so your dog can still feature in your wedding pictures.



Wedding couple taking their dog for a walk - thinking-of-having-your-dog-at-your-wedding?


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When it comes to pet fashion, not all dogs like to be dressed up! Who can blame them? Keep accessories simple like a bow tie or flowers.  Most importantly check they won’t come loose and pose a choking hazard. Above all, ensure any flowers or plants being used at your wedding are not toxic to animals.




Dog at a wedding - thinking-of-having-your-dog-at-your-wedding?




Dog at a wedding - thinking-of-having-your-dog-at-your-wedding

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Still thinking of having your dog at your wedding? In short, expect the unexpected. Be ready to embrace whatever happens and just go with it.  Ironically this also applies to your wedding – and also your marriage!

How will you include YOUR dog at your wedding??


Two dogs at a wedding - thinking-of-having-your-dog-at-your-wedding?

Image: Sarah Godenzi