The big day had finally arrived!


September 17, 2016 and the scene was set at the stunning Leonda By The Yarra in Hawthorn, one of Melbourne’s leading elegant wedding reception venues,  for the wedding of Su Jin and Hon Khai.  I had a last minute chat with the boys before the ladies arrived, and kept the groom relaxed and smiling as he nervously awaited his bride…


In time, this quaint courtyard would be filled with happy, smiling faces of family and friends excited to witness this most memorable of occasions.




Michelle Kiernan Civil Celebrant




Su Jin’s entry was nothing short of breathtaking. She wore her Christina Rossi dress from Kylie J Bridal with style and elegance, and the crowd of family and friends there to witness and support their special day, broke into unscripted cheers and clapping, as she arrived on the white carpet. Su Jin’s face lit up as she walked towards her husband to be, and I knew this was a fabulous start to the ceremony they had dreamt of!





Michelle Kiernan Civil Celebrant




I spoke of them meeting at Melbourne University some 9 years ago, and some of the special moments and highlights they’ve shared which included going sky-diving and white water rafting together, swimming with whale sharks, spending time with each others’ families, trying out new food experiences – and seeing things in seedy Bangkok alley nightclubs that can never be unseen!!




Michelle Kiernan





But as it so often is, it’s the quiet, everyday moments that are even more special to them both – sharing random jokes, talking, and just doing everyday chores and activities together, which never cease to make them smile.

To further explain to me the dynamics of their relationship, Su Jin used the analogy of a famous TV relationship she could most easily relate them to – that of Bert and Ernie from Sesame Street!! Not your usual romantic couple, but two people with two individual and completely different personalities who became friends , learnt to live together and are always there for each other no matter what – and I explained to their family and friends it was Hon Khai who was definitely the Ernie between the two of them!




Michelle Kiernan Civil Celebrant




The entire ceremony was filled with genuine happiness and humour – even taking the rings out of the ring box was cause for laughter! I’m not even sure now what was said, but it’s obvious from this fabulous shot captured by aweidingphotography that I thought it was hilarious too!





Michelle Kiernan Civil Celebrant




Before long, in the presence of their family and friends, I had the absolute pleasure of pronouncing them both husband and wife, and it was time for signing the official paperwork!





Michelle Kiernan




With all formalities now completed, the happy couple headed back down the aisle to be greeted by their guests, whilst Pharrell William’s and ‘Happy’ played in the background. And happy they were….




Michelle Kiernan – Civil Celebrant




What a couple! What a ceremony! Congratulations Mr & Mrs Siow! I sincerely wish you both a wonderful life ahead as husband and wife, surrounded by great people, and filled with continued random jokes, lots of laughter and more sensational food experiences!


Thank you both for taking the time to write this beautiful review on Easy Weddings


“Michelle is amazing! She took the time to get to know us and understand what we wanted for our ceremony. She really set the scene for a relaxing and fun day – I could not have imagined the ceremony any better.”



Celebrant:                Michelle Kiernan


Venue:                       Leonda By The Yarra




Bridal Gown:           Kylie J Bridal & Formal